There are not just Bulls in Elk Country

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We all tend to get caught up in looking out for the bulls of Elk Country, but the ladies here are quite interesting too. Here are a few of my favorite photos we took this year of cow elk.

I like the scene here, but found that the collar # was fun too. This cow is in 3D. Yep that was a pretty lame joke.

This was one of the rare times I spotted a cow alone this year. For the most part I have seen a minimum of 3+ all the way up to 100+, but on this occassion this lovely lady was grazing all by her lonesome.

This gives you a great visual of why they are called Wapiti.

If she only knew what was on the other side of the sign she might not be standing there. Then again, my bet is that she fits the ‘authorized personnel’ criteria.

This was taken just as the sun was setting and there were only a couple slivers of light still making it across the mountain. She just happened to be standing in one and the glow was really cool looking.

I have a couple clearer shots of this lady, but I love this photo because of all the elements it captures.

This is truly a patient mother. Even in this terrible weather she takes a break from browsing to allow her near full grown calf to nurse a bit. She allowed this for a couple minutes and then went back to browsing for her own food. The two never got much more than a couple feet apart from each other as the crossed the field into the woods.

This is the photo that leads into my favorite photo of the year (below). I call this one ‘Getting Psyched Up’ because she started running around and bucking along the fence until she got her nerve up to jump.

This is hands down my favorite photo I took of 2010. I was hoping to get her with all 4′s off the ground but this was still a great action photo proving that these large and somewhat lumbering animals are still great athletes in their own right.

As always I would love to see any photos you have. You can email them to me at admin (at), post them on our elk discussion board or to our PA Elk Herd facebook page.

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Joe Furrow
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