Surprise, Momma & Baby Bear! – Photos

Let me just say that when you are out looking for elk you just never know what else you might see. On one of our trips to check out our favorite elk viewing areas we spotted these two beauties traveling through some local camps looking for snacks.

Bear Cub!

We first spotted this cub walking across the road in front of us. It was a real treat because we very rarely get to see cubs out and about like this. In fact this was the only cub we saw all year.

Momma Bear!

Knowing that a young cub like the one above would not be far from it’s mom we took a moment to scope out the wood-line and sure enough there was momma. Unfortunately, my camera went wacko on me and most of my shots came out blurry. She was a real beauty and we got to watch her for several minutes walk from camp to camp on what looked like her regular route.

A Word To The Wise:

Although we crossed paths with these two while in the safety of our vehicle, it brings to mind a great piece of advice passed down to me from my father. “Never assume that you are going to find only what you are looking for when you are out in nature.”

Remember that when you are out and about scoping out the beauty of nature, nature could be there scoping you out as well. Whenever we enter the woods, no matter what the purpose, we need to do so with our eyes, ears and minds open to the fact that we are not alone there.

Have fun, stay safe and I hope you have a great time on your next trip into the woods.