Quick Reminder

I was asked to post a reminder to all who are going out to view and photograph the elk as well as those who own camps in there range to not feed the elk or try to pet them. There have been several cases of elk with illnesses that are believed to be related to food they were given by well meaning folks plus a couple near misses. Remember that elk’s bodies are tuned into the food that naturally occurs in their environment and any external food source even if it is organic by nature may cause terrible side effects and even death.

Also, as mentioned, don’t try to pet the elk. Sure they act darn near like pets, but they are not and we need to make sure we take due care to not get too close or spook them. The last thing anyone needs or wants is to have an animal 4X their size taking exception to them and rearranging a few body parts.

So love the elk from a distance and if you feel there is an issue with the elk not having adequate food in their habitat please contact a conservation officer and report that to them.

Thanks bunches and happy elking,

Pa Elk