New Year = New Mission For

We have made a lot of changes and improvements to over the past year, but the most important thing we did was listen to you. We took the time to solicit feedback from you our readers and have decided that we need to again make major changes with what we do here. So below are the changes and why they are implemented.

  • Many of our guests suggested we diversify what we cover and discuss here. Instead of focusing just on the elk herd we continuously were requested to expand to cover Elk Country as a whole and include events and resources for the area as a whole. We think this is a great idea so effective immediately we will begin doing so.
  • Bring the blog back to the home page was the next most common message we heard. It seems that although most folks liked the look of the new home page, they missed being able to land there and begin browsing new articles and photos. So you spoke loudly and clearly and we heard you, so effective immediately we will bring the blog back.

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  • Bringing more voices and perspectives to the site was the third most common request. To do this we have already added our Elk Discussion Board to allow members to participate, but soon we will be adding Guest Writers and Photographers who will add a different point of view about the elk herd and elk country.
  • The most common question about Elk and Elk Country we got was “Where should we go to see elk?” This is the hottest topic by farĀ  it was literally asked thousands of times. To help with this we will soon be releasing a detailed Elk Viewing Guide that includes both Designated and Non-Designated viewing areas as well as places we ourselves drive and hike to see elk. This will be coming very soon as we just need to tidy it up a bit and then make it available on the site. Later on we may release it in a PDF form where you can download it or print it to take with you.

We know these are a lot of changes and that we have already made plenty of changes in the past, however we are confident that based on the feedback we have received these are the right next steps. We thank everyone who took the time to contact us and we look forward to making the best site we can.


Joe Furrow

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