Huge Bull With Velvet On Antlers – Photo #2

Bull Elk With Velvet Coming Off Antlers

I found another picture of this huge bull elk that gave a closer look at his awesome rack. Not only is it fantastic because of its size, but the remnants of its velvet just hanging there like it was melting off was really neat as well.

As you can see in the background this bull had captured more than our attention. These folks were part of a long string of people lined up on route 555 to take a look at him. You can completely understand why, but we have to mention that stopping in the road like this is both dangerous to you in the car and rather annoying to those behind you who are trying to get somewhere.

So, when you see an animal like this that you just have to see, find a safe and legal place to pull over to view it. When there is nowhere to pull over and you want to see it, you may just have to be satisfied with seeing it in passing. Stopping or even drastically slowing in a situation where the other drivers are likely to be distracted as well can be a recipe for a good ole fashioned fender bender.