FYI About Elk Watching In Winter

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We spend a lot of time driving around Elk Country this time of year and we have been finding a very common trend on Tertiary Roads lately. That common trend is a thick layer of ice tucked below the packed snow.

As of late we have experienced and witnessed a lot of slipping and sliding this ice is causing. I know you all will be careful out there but just keep in mind that many of these back roads look okay, but the second you are on a banked turn or an incline the ice hidden below will sneak up on you and become an issue.

Also, at the viewing areas on Winslow Hill in Benezette (especially the Dents Run one) the parking lots & walking paths are covered with ice as well. Both my wife and I were slipping and sliding across there today. We also noticed that there several footprints in the snow that exposed the snow because the person slipped and their foot slid to the side.

Long story short, be careful out there and be on the lookout for the ice.
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