Fred (#36) PA’s Most Famous Elk

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UPDATE: On January 7, 2011 Fred The Elk (Bull #36) passed away after sustaining severe injuries in a fall on snow/ice. Fred’s injuries were so severe that he was not able to recover. Rest In Peace Fred – 199? – 2011 you were a King among Elk and a legend amongst men!

FredDiscussing PA’s elk herd or Elk Country for that fact can’t be done without at least paying tribute to its most famous citizen. That citizen being Fred (bull #36) of course. Fred is most famous for being a close to 2 decade citizen of Benezette Pa (estimates have him at 19) as well as for many elk lovers the face of the Elk Herd.

To identify Fred you need to look for either his collar # which is #36 or look for some really arthritic buckling knees (see photos below) and a kicker coming off the back part of his rack on his right side. He is typically found near the Benezette Store but as of this article he has made his way down the road a bit to The Big Elk Lick sign area which is on route 555 heading towards Weedville just past Gray Hill Rd.

We had originally begun writing this article as an informational piece on Fred that we were going to tuck facts and info about the fella in, but upon receiving a suggestion from a Fred Freak on facebook (they wish to remain anonymous) we decided to turn this into a Fred Tribute Page for his fans to post comments and stories about Fred as well as what he means to them and to the elk herd in general.

Below we have included some photos of Elk that either we have taken or have been submitted by fans (see watermarks for names of who submitted them) but would love to have you share your Fred Stories, Facts and Tributes in the Comments on this post. I will review them and post all that are shared and are relevant to Fred and are appropriate for our G-Rated Audience.

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Photos Of Fred

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This photo shows you two of the 3 easy ways to ID Fred. First the #36 on his collar and then the Second is the Kicker point dropping back off his rack on his right side.

This is one of my favorite Fred photos. The man sure knows how to relax.

Fred’s knees are also a give away of whom he is. No other elk up there (that I have seen) has knees this arthritic looking. Poor things hurt me just looking at him, but for being 19 years old what can you expect.

This too is one of my favorite photos of Fred. The velvet dripping off of his rack is fascinating to me.

Fred sure knows how to relax. You can see from this pic as well as many others Fred will let you get pretty close to him without as much as flinching. We can’t recommend this because even though his history is one of being very docile and accommodating, he is still a wild animal. I know, Fred wild? But still, all it takes is one wrong step or him to have a bad day and bad things could happen. So please respect his privacy when taking photographs and keep in your mind that he does not know what you are thinking and you/we have no clue what he is.

Again, Fred being Fred.

My wife took this photo and it is one of about 7 we have of him sticking out his tongue. In this one I think he is just trying to catch snow flakes. :-)

At first we did not realize this was even Fred since the photo was taken on Gray Hill Rd. This was the furthest we had seen Fred away from the Benezette Store area in a long while so we did not even think that it could be him.

We want to again encourage you to use the comments feature on this post to share your Fred stories and Tributes. If you have photos you would like to share of him you can either do so in the Fred Thread on our forum or on our Pa Elk Herd Facebook page.

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