Elk Stampede #2

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We thought we were lucky when we drove upon our first elk stampede, so when we stumbled upon our second we thought we must have been charmed. This occurred 2/03/10 on Winslow Hill. The exact location was below the Porcupine Run viewing area and the elk were running from the Turner Rd direction towards Dewey Rd.

The actual stampede lasted well over 7 minutes of nothing but elk one after another running. Sadly, my camera battery ran out and I only caught a few minutes of it. You will also need to pay close attention to what goes on behind the trees as that is where the elk are running. They go from left to right and some circle around towards the home that is situated below.

The stamped appears to have been caused by a bull who was still rutting and was chasing cows around. He was aggressively chasing the cows and after they all settled down he actually bred one. All in all the vocalizations and action was amazing. It was a total blessing to be there and see that many elk in one place again, I just regret that the footage does not do the experience justice.

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Joe  Furrow

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