Elk Out To Lunch – Photos

Since elk have to constantly eat to keep up their weight most of the photos you get of them will be of them out having a snack. Here are a couple of the pics I have taken of them out grabbing a snack.

Elk grazing at dusk.

One of the best times to catch a glimpse of a big Pa bull elk is when they are out just before dusk grazing in the fields. This fella was standing a few feet from a local camp munching away.

Bull Elk Grazing.

Another great way to catch up to big elk is to learn their travel patterns and favorite snacking spots. You can almost set your watch by this guy as he travels from one grazing area to the next. If you look carefully behind him you can see the fence set up to keep the elk out, but trust me it does not work on this guy.

Bull elk grazing in Benezette

This bull (#57) is another example of a creature of habit. I see this bull on a regular basis, however he tends to travel quite a bit. It appears to me that he has a route he travels with consistency, but instead of it being a daily route it seems that he has a large territory he travels over the course of several days. About every 3 days or so he makes it back to this spot, but the other times I seem him he is up to 2 miles away from here.

Bull Elk With Food In His Mouth

This is one of my favorite photos of an elk eating. This guy stopped chomping long enough to check me out and had a leaf hanging out the side of his mouth. I took several photos of this bull while he was eating and several of them turned out like this with food hanging out.

Tip For Locating Pa Elk:

A rule of thumb to follow when looking for elk grazing is to check early in the A.M. when they are just waking up and are hungry, just before dusk when they are getting a pre sleep snack and just before a weather front passes through when they are trying to get a bite before a storm.