What a lovely weekend!

This weekend has turned out to be quite a great weekend for elk chasing. The weather was a bit cool and breezy yesterday but has warmed up quite beautifully today. We took the opportunity to get out yesterday to do some sightseeing as well as some hiking and had a great time doing so. Now, I darn near froze my nose off on Winslow Hill since the wind was blowing like mad, but it was well worth it.

Today the warm weather brought the elk out ahead of the approaching storm and with it came the people. Today we passed more people out and about than we have seen in quite a while. Sadly this meant a lot more people doing things that they shouldn’t, like blocking the road to take pictures and trespassing on private property to get a few feet closer to the elk, but not like it is during the rut.

From Weedville on through Benezette we saw elk around most corners. There are a couple nice sized herds visible too, one on 555 just before you get to the Benezette Store campground and another on Winslow down Dewey looking up in the mining area.

Here are some pics we took yesterday and today.

^^This fella gets around quite a bit. He can be found anywhere from 555 near Benezette to the top of Winslow Hill. It just depends on the way the wind is blowing him that day as to where he will be next.

^We got stuck behind people who parked on Winslow Hill Rd so we took the opportunity to snap a few pics. It is frustrating when this happens, but at the same time we at least got a couple photos out of it.

^^This guy and 2 of his buddies is what caused our traffic jam on Winslow. I’m guessing his sheds will be found somewhere near the feeder he keeps circling around.

^^These 3 are part of a larger group that circle from 555 in Benezette up through Winslow and back down towards state game land that is adjacent to Porcupine.

^^This one is a real looker. Thankfully it is showing signs of being afraid of humans which is exactly what I like to see.

^^These two are also quite content with keeping their distance from people.


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