[Video] Bull elk picks a fight then loses a tine

The bull featured in this video was all upset today. It seems he managed to get a rope of some sort firmly wrapped around the base of his left antler. The ropes presence seems to have sent him into a rage as he has been chasing and attacking everything that gets in his path. That includes trees, branches other elk and quite honestly himself. When he was not chasing or sparring he was thrashing around wildly trying to relieve himself of the rope.

In the video below he picks a fight with a bull of equal size and in doing so breaks a tine during the bout. The battle lasted several minutes with a small portion, including the moment he breaks his tine,  being captured on video. The roped bull seemed to be doing quite well against the other, but after breaking the tine seemed to give up on the fight and flee to safety.

That of course did not stop him from taking a shot a cow who was minding her own business as well as a couple trees that refused to step aside. He later seemed to calm down and continue on his way but it was obvious he was not content having the rope tag along.

I hate that this fella lost this, but I am extremely pleased he did so right in front of us where I could walk over and pick it up. It is not much to look at, but to me it is a treasure I’ll keep always.

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