The Elk Trail

I’m not sure how many of you know about the ‘Elk Trail’ which connects a portion of Dents Run Road back to Benezette. I just hiked a portion of it for the first time myself on Wednesday and I must say that it truly was a great experience. I regret to report that I saw no elk, but due to the very high winds in the incoming storm it was no surprise. I did however see tons of elk sign from scat, hoof prints to tree rubs that indicate that elk are definitely in the area. I have some friends who hike it regularly and on numerous occasions they have spotted elk along the way.

Below is a photo of where I entered the trail. It is located on Dents Run Road which can be accessed from Route 555 or from Porcupine Rd on Winslow hill.

Elk Trail

As I mentioned I did not see elk, but the sign along the way certainly indicated they were there. I even took a few side treks off the regular trail and up game trails and found several fresh elk beds and rubs. So if you are looking for an out of the way place to look for elk or just a nice place to hike I strongly recommend the ‘Elk Trail’. Below are some random pics I took along the way.

Below is a portion of the trail that is pretty representative of what I walked. It was pretty much a consistent incline, but not one that felt like a climb.

Elk Trail

Great Views – The photo is of one of the many great scenic views you have along the way. It is great right now since everything is so green and lush.

Elk Trail

Can you spot the Chipmunk?

Elk Trail Chipmunk

Finally, make sure you follow the trail markers or you could stray off course. I actually had to pause a moment and look for the markers as there was a game trail that intersected one part and actually made you feel as if that was the correct direction to travel based on the fact it was straight ahead. Had I not double checked for trail markers who knows where I would have been.

Elk Trail Markers

If you have hiked the trail and have any photos of elk from along the way I would love to see and share them with our readers. You can email them to me at admin(at)

Happy Elking To All


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