Pre Storm Elk Activity 03/11/11

With a storm front pushing through the area today and substantial accumulations possible it looks like the elk got the memo and are out and about browsing before it is covered. From Benezette to Clearfield we saw more than 60 elk in road side clearings and yards as well as the state game land near our camp.

Below are some of the photos we took on the way. Also if you look closely at the last photo you will see a blurry black blob which is a turkey as well. So all total today we saw close to 70 elk, 16 deer and about 7 turkey on a day many would stay home because the weather is less than ideal. It stinks to be out in it for us, but for elk and other wildlife it is a matter of survival and as today proves days when fronts are pushing through make for great opportunities to see critters.

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