Hicks Run Elk Viewing Area

The Hicks Run viewing area is probably one of the most forgotten viewing areas in the Benezette area. It also happens to be one of the more visitor friendly areas as well. Not only does it have ample and convenient parking, it also has handicap accessible restrooms and a covered viewing platform that puts you within feet of the elk.

We’ve been here several times late in the evenings here lately and each time elk and whitetail were present. On one occasion we had 3 decent sized bulls grazing less than 15 yards away.

Here are some pics we took of the area.

The first photo is of the sign you need to look for to locate it off of Route 555 heading away from Benezette towards Driftwood.

Hicks Run Viewing Area Sign

In the photo below you can see a portion of the parking area in the foreground and in the background you can see the covered viewing area to the left and the path leading to it just right of center behind the sign.

Hicks Run Viewing Area

Below is a closer look at the trail leading to the viewing platform.

Hicks Run Viewing Area Trail

Here is the viewing platform. If you notice, the food plot is literally feet away.

Hicks Run Viewing Area Platform

Below is one of the elk I saw there. The lighting was bad and to be honest I stink at low light photography so of all the photos I took this was the best. At the time of this photo there were 3 bull elk and 3 whitetail  spread out across the viewing area.

Hicks Run Viewing Area Elk

Overall this is a great place to take the family and see elk. Both for the number of animals there and for the quality of the facilities there.

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