Fred’s Antlers (#36)

I wanted to let everyone know that Fred’s antlers are at the Visitor Center and on display. They are currently out for everyone to see and touch as well. This was of course the first time I have been this close to them and let me say they are quite impressive. ForgettingĀ  his age for a second, any bull in the herd would be proud to carry Fred’s last rack at any point in their life. Considering that Fred was 16 – 20 yrs old makes his last set all the more amazing.

His mass and character were first class throughout and without doubt one of the more unique in the herd’s brief history. It was a pleasure to see and touch them and for anyone who is a Fred fan or even just simply an elk enthusiast these are well worth the trip up there to check out.

^^The photo does not do them justice as they are huge.

^^Although diminishing over time Fred’s character points make him a true one of a kind. As you can see from the photo they are still quite unique and very much massive.

^^I took these photos for those of you who may not get to see Fred’s rack in person so you can see exactly the kind of mass he carried. This is of course photos of the top of Fred’s antlers near where the points fork off and it is every bit as wide as my hands. Now, I don’t have the largest hands in the world, but still for an elk of his seniority to carry this much mass up this high is amazing.

Fred is truly a 1 of a kind and will be missed. At least in some small way we will have a chance to keep him with us in body and not just memory. Rest in peace Freddie, you are truly a legend and will be missed!

Fred’s memorial FB page can be found here Fred’s Fan Page.

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