Elk County Pa Images of America – Book Review

Elk County Pa Images Of America by Dennis McGeehan

I finally found some free time to catch up on some long past due reading so I grabbed up a copy of this book that was sent to me. I can’t lie and say that I have a vast historical knowledge of Elk County despite traveling through most all of it at one point or another chasing after elk so I was really excited to get a peek in this book.

I was pleasantly surprised with the information and photos that were included. I am obviously a photo nerd (evident by this site) and a bit of a history geek so the book fed too interests at once. By the time I was left finished with the book I was left wanting more.

Overall I really enjoyed the book but as I said I was left wishing there was more. I did notice he has written several other books about the cities that make up the area so I am thinking about checking those out too.

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P.S. Amazon says it is by Bonnie Stacy but that is not true it is actually Dennis McGeehan.

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