Dewey Rd, Benezette Pa

This is not truly an Elk Scenic Drive but Dewey Rd could possibly be one of the best spots in all of Pa to see elk in large numbers without the need of binoculars. You can get to Dewey Rd by driving up Winslow Hill rd  and as soon as you pass the Porcupine Run viewing area it is the on the left. Dewey Rd is not even a mile long and dead ends at gated roads, but in we have seen herds here multiple times that numbered in excess of 100.

During the 2010 rut, Dewey Rd was the frequent browsing area of herd that totaled 150+ cows, calves and bulls.  Here are a few photos we have taken there.

^^Okay, this last one is not of elk, but we Dewey is a great place to see turkey as well.

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