Dents Run Elk Viewing Area

One of the most popular PA elk viewing destinations has to be the Dents Run Viewing Area on Winslow Hill. Part of its popularity is derived from the ample and convenient parking but the main reason is the fact it gives visitors plenty of opportunities to see elk. With 4 fields and acres of wooded area where elk frequent, you literally have 180 degrees of viewing area to watch.

Also on this location is a visitor center, covered stage, benches and bathrooms. Handicap parking that cuts your walk down to only a few feet is also available.

Finding it is easy as it is right on top of Winslow Hill and marked with the following signs.

Dents Run Viewing Area

The picture below shows you what 2 of the 3 fields look like but does not do justice to the woods below. You will also notice that having binoculars or cameras with zoom is necessary to get ‘up close’ views of the animals at distance. That said we have seen elk as close as the red sign.

Dents Run Viewing Area

Below is a photo of the ‘Visitor Center’ on this site. As you can see there is not a whole lot to it, but inside sometimes is a large stuffed Bull that lets you get up close and see what they look like face to face.

Dents Run Viewing Area

The final photo below was taken my last time there, which was Sept 8 2010, and there were 7 whitetail and 2 elk there.

Dents Run Viewing Area Elk

As with most all elk viewing areas first and last light tend to be the best times to see elk here. This being said elk are not fully predictable and we have seen them there at all hours of the day. If you are looking to a place that is easy to get to, convenient for everyone in your group and gives you a legitimate chance of seeing elk this is a must visit elk viewing area.

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