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If you are planning a trip to Benezette Pa to look for elk then let us help make your trip more successful. With more than 13 years of experience chasing elk around Benezette we have figured out where they like to hide and when they will be visible. And for a limited time we are offering you a chance to learn exactly where we go and see elk day in and day out.

Learn where to go and see elk just like these.

benezette pa elk
benezette pa elk calf
benezette pa bull elk
benezette pa elk herd
benezette pa
elk calf in benezette pa
bull elk in benezette
winslow hill bull elk
elk cows dewey rd benezette
bull elk benezette pa national forest
elk calf nursing benezette
benezette pa bull elk hiking
bull elk benezette
cow elk
elk benezette field pa
cow elk calling calf in benezette
elk state game land benezette
two benezette bulls sparring
kisser benezette elk pa
crazy legs elk pa
bull elk in benezette
elk eating apples benezette

Not to brag too much, but since 2009 I have amassed more than 17K photos of elk and over 7 hours of video while in and around Benezette Pa. I've been able to do this so quickly because when I come to Benezette I get to spend my time photographing and videoing elk instead of wasting the day trying to figure out where they are hiding.

Speaking of video check out this bruiser I ran into the last time I was up...

How this guide will help you

A huge FREE bonus!

I created an interactive Digital companion map to help you find the points I discuss in the guide and to show you exactly where elk are most likely to be. I include known elk hotspots, grazing areas, bedding locations and travel corridors. I even marked the only 3 public locations in Benezette where you can consistently get cell phone reception :-). Along with the great info I put into the guide I added many additional hints and locations to the companion map.

Benezette Pa Map

For a limited time only

We are not planning to offer this Benezette Pa elk viewing guide or companion map for an extended period of time. The only reason we are making it available now is to raise money to fund our website and a few upgrades. Once we have raised enough money we plan on no longer offering the guide and restricting access to the companion map to only those who have already purchased a guide.

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See what those who got a sneak peek said!

Thanks a ton Joe. My wife and I are heading up in August and your guide and map will really help out...... Mark - Dayton, OH

I have been coming here for years and only went to Winslow Hill. I thought that it was the only place you would really see elk. Thanks for setting me straight...... Tish - Altoona, PA

Based on your blog posts and facebook updates I have been in town some of the same times as you but never saw the elk you posted pics of. Now I know why. Thanks Joe for sharing your knowledge...... Eddie - MD

Really good info here Joe. I had no idea some of these places existed...... Susan - Beckley, WV




Restrictions: You may not make copies of the guide to share with anyone outside your household or share your password to the companion map. Since this is a digitally downloadable product we do not offer a refund. All sales are final.