Best Way To Attract A Bear – Leave Stinky Garbage On Your Porch!

Rule number one of rural living, “Don’t leave stinky garbage on your porch unless you want a bear in your yard!”

Bear Eating Garbage

In the middle of the day this past weekend my wife spotted this rather large bear in a yard on the way home. Luckily there was a pull off spot just across the street so we pulled over and took a couple quick photos of it tearing through these folk’s trash.

This is a great example of why you don’t leave garbage just sitting around when you live out in the country. It is kinda lucky that this was the middle of they day because it is easy to see a 2oo lb bear when the sun is out. If this were at night however, it will see you, but you will not see it until 2 seconds before you need to change your pants.

Lunch To Go

It did not take long for her to decide that it was time to have her lunch to go. She simply grabbed the bag closest to her and sauntered off into the woods to have her meal in private. The problem is that now she knows food is there she will keep coming back over and again. Eventually, this will lead to an encounter with the land owner that neither party will enjoy. Plus, garbage is not a good food source for animals. They don’t know not to eat the containers and in many cases can do damage to their stomachs and intestines after ingesting them over time.

So for your sake and the bears sake don’t leave garbage just sitting around outside. It is not good for them and it is not good for your heart when you are not paying attention and accidentally walk up on one mid snack.