I think we can all agree that the Elk in PA are a true blessing to the people who get to enjoy them and the economies that receive a boost from their presence. In celebration of these fantastic creatures and those who cherish and protect them we are dedicating this website to Elk Power!

Throughout the pages of this site you will find first hand photos and stories about these beloved creatures, plus tips to help improve your chances of enjoying them up close as well. We will also discuss the dos and don’ts of Elk viewing as well as how to handle those accidental “Too Close For Comfort” viewings that can happen from time to time.

In the near future we also have plans to open a discussion forum as well as a photo sharing platform so you can participate online as well. Until then please feel free to email us any Elk Photo’s and Stories you would like to share to admin(at)paelk.com.

We truly thank you for visiting our site and ask that if you have any questions, comments or suggestions that you please feel free to contact us as well. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy your time here and have a fantastic time Elking.